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Nursing Scholarship Resources

On average, an online education on average will cost less than a private education, but going to school is still expensive! Be sure to check with your employer to find out if they offer educational assistance programs, and make use of those whenever available. Luckily there are a number of scholarships and other financial aid opportunities that provide millions of dollars each year for students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare!

The best investment you will ever make will be on your education, so here are a few nursing scholarship resources we believe will be helpful:

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Scholarships Sources For Nursing Students The nursing scholarship resources featured below are those we were able to locate by searching nursing association sites and other resources. Every attempt is made to try to keep this list accurate and to add to it as we find additional scholarships. We could always use your help! If you find a nursing or healthcare scholarship that we don't have listed please contact us so we can include it.

  • AACN Educational Advancement Scholarships - Academic year scholarships available to AACN members who are registered nurses completing a baccalaureate or graduate degree program in nursing.

  • AANA Career Mobility Scholarships - Offers scholarships to nephrology nurses to assist in their pursuit of higher education.

  • American Academy of Nursing Nurse/MBA Scholar Award - The Scholars Program may offer grant support to nurses wishing to pursue a business degree at a highly ranked school of business, anticipating a career focus on the management/leadership of institutions serving the elderly. Some exceptions to the MBA requirement will be considered to support MHA programs.

  • American Academy of Nursing Predoctoral Scholarships in Gerontological Nursing - May offer scholarship support for two years to successful predoctoral candidates in gerontological nursing. An additional award may be available to selected candidates whose research includes the study of pain in the elderly.

  • AmeriCorps - Administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service, AmeriCorps allows people of all ages and backgrounds to earn educational awards in exchange for a year of community service.

  • Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarships- May offer annual grants for students studying environmental science programs including public health, biology, toxicology, or industrial hygiene.

  • Bethesdas Developmental Disabilities Scholarship for Lutheran Nursing Students - Offers scholarships to encourage Lutheran nursing students to pursue careers in developmental disabilities. Applicants must be communicant members of a Lutheran church, have achieved sophomore status at a college or university or completed one year of study at a two-year ADN program.

  • CampusRN/AACN Nursing Scholarship Fund - CampusRN, the leading employment website for nursing/allied health care students and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) offers annual awards to students who are seeking a baccalaureate, master's or doctoral degree in nursing.

  • Daughters of the American Revolution - Offers several scholarships to students who are in financial need and are accepted and enrolled into an accredited school of nursing.

    • Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship
    • Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship - Preference will be given to candidates from the greater Lowell, MA area.
  • FASFA Express - U.S. Department of Education Application for Federal Student Aid website

  • FastWeb Scholarship Search - This site provides updated information on scholarships, grants, and fellowships. FastWeb is the only scholarship search service that allows students to apply online through the E-Scholarship program.

  • Foundation for Neonatal Research and Education Scholarship - May offer annually to neonatal nurses admitted to a college or school of higher education for one of the following: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (current RN); Master in Science in Nursing for advance practice in neonatal nursing; doctoral degree in nursing; master's or post-naster's degree in Nursing Administration or Business Management.

  • Health Professions Scholarship Program - Offers grants to American Indians and Alaska natives to study nursing, medical technology, respiratory therapy, healthcare administration, radiologic technology, nutrition, public health, and other priority career categories. Scholarship recipients must serve in the Indian Health Service for at least two years.

  • HRSA Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program - NELRP is a competitive program that may repay 60 percent of the qualifying loan balance of registered nurses selected for funding in exchange for two years of service at a critical shortage facility. Participants may be eligible to work a third year and receive an additional 25 percent of the qualifying loan balance.

  • Jackie Robinson Foundation- Provides four-year college scholarships annually to minority high school students to attend the college of their choice.

  • Madeline Pickett (Halbert) Cogswell Nursing Scholarship - This is a one-time award awarded to students who are accepted or enrolled in an accredited school of nursing. Applicants must be members, descendants of members or eligible for membership in NSDAR.

  • March of Dimes Maternal-Child Nursing Graduate Programs Scholarship - Offers several scholarships annually to registered nurses enrolled in a graduate program in maternal-child nursing at the master's or doctoral level

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